Create your future, take control of your life

The hedge fund industry is worth almost $1,800 Billion. Is it about time you carved out a small slice for your future and the future of your children ?


Start your own PRIVATE hedge fund and we will provide you the back-end for 6% a month. You can wholesale or offer it at any figure and make the difference.

Offer at 1% and you make 5% a month. Offer at 20% a year and you will make 52% a year. You decide how your future will be.

Minimum entry is $500

We will buy back your site from you at anytime you are dissatisfied with it. No Questions Asked

Interesting snippet – *** MUST READ ***

Given a choice between having $30 every month and one time lumpsum of $144.000 which would you choose ? Which has a higher value ?

Let’s just look at this, if you had $30 every month, that is just $30 every month not very much to crow about and won’t make a difference in your life. It is not worth very much !!

Now if you have $144,000 that is a big deal and much better than having $30 every month. You could even put it in the bank and leave it there forever and just live of the interest forever…now THAT is something else.

Let’s just look at it and see. $144,000 in the bank at current interest rate of 0.25% a year will mean $360 a year. Now that works out to…??…wait a min ??? $30 a month ?????

That would mean that by buying a $500 fund that pays out $30 a month it is the same as buying a $144,000 fixed deposit that is locked in for life and just living off the returns !!!

In simple words, you have turned your $500 into a $144,000 fixed deposit.

It also means you have leveraged your money 288 times !!

My name is Patrick Sim. I will help you take back control of your future and take back the ownership of your life.

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